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    www.pickyourshoes.com Hello Kitty Products on PickYourShoes.com Hello Kitty Bags Hello Kitty Backpacks Hello Kitty Purses Hello Kitty Coin Bags Hello Kitty Socks Hello Kitty Hair Pins Hello Kitty Necklaces Hello Kitty Earrings Hello Kitty Scarves For almost 40 years, Hello Kitty has been an indomitable force. Accounting for the majority of Sanrio’s billions of dollars in annual sales, the Hello Kitty brand is seemingly unstoppable. Hello Kitty (and all her variations, from the classic white Kitty with red bow to the “Angry” grey Kitty with skull and crossbones detailing to the “Nerds” Kitty wearing black thick-rimmed glasses and a plaid bow) appeals to a vast age range. The brand’s wholesome cuteness appeals to little girls, while women embrace the playful femininity that Hello Kitty exudes. Hello Kitty, in some ways, is just as much a culture as it is a brand. Hello Kitty arrived on the scene in 1974 when Sanrio founder Shintaro Tsuji took a chance on a simple illustration by a young designer named Yuko Shimizu. Within a couple years, the white mouthless cat conquered the company’s sales and a marketing sensation was born. PickYourShoes.com now offers apparel and accessories featuring the world’s most recognizable cat. Subscribe to pickyourshoestv to stay up to date with the latest product reviews. Follow us on twitter.com/PickYourShoes and like us on facebook.com/PickYourShoes! You can now follow Vanessa for a feminine perspective on PYS at twitter.com/VanessaPYS!http://www.youtube.com/v/NGbuzeiND6w
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